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The U.S. government is concerned with the heirs of a jeweler in Philadelphia for 10 gold coins.

The fact is that there are any coins: it is that the 1933 Double Eagle $ 20 gold.

The date takes us back in time of the great crash, the depression, with huge financial crises, banking and sociale There was need for gold, as always in difficult times, and the President Roossevelt (Franklin D.) in 1933 took a few acts that made it illegal circulation of gold coins, then those who had would have to sell to the U.S. Treasury.

The Double Eagle designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens was in circulation from 1908 but nearly 500 thousand pieces were minted also in 1933, the year of the formal notice of gold. The Double Eagle of 1933, therefore, were not put into circulation but sent to the merger, the two copies.

Now it happens that in 2004 the heirs of Mr Switt, the jeweler in Philadelphia, find 10 of the Double Eagle of 1933 in a safe deposit box. They send them to the mint for an estimate, but are seized because according to the U.S. government, having never been put into circulation, it is stolen coins and therefore owned by the government.

The daughter of Mr. Switt is there and sues; indetro them wants it. We do not know for a fact if affective or because each of those gold coins $ 20 worth 8 million, we say that has 80 million reasons to sue?

It seems clear that the old Switt with his work as a jeweler had contacts within the mint in Philadelphia and then with these came in possession of 10 coins that should not exist. It will be a federal court and settle the matter


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